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● Ram (Spindle) didn’t stop at top position correctly

Regarding the alarm message PLC 088 & PLC 093
We think the problem was caused by overheating of the braking resistor of inverter, When happen the kind problem, Just power off and restart, It can’t let the problem goes away by reset.

The normal process is --- After finished one slot (keyway) cutting , then controller will ask Ram to stop at top, Then Ram will find the top sensor and read the Ram-stop delay time setting value to let Ram stop at top, If Ram stop at top well (Top sensor must be ON) , then just go to next step "Index"; If the Ram can't stop at top normally, The controller will appear alarm to avoiding accident.
There are 2 possible reasons cause the alarm, One is Ram doesn't stop at top position , So sensor doesn't "ON" , the other possible reason is overheating of the braking resistor (inverter) .


We think your case is caused by overheating of the brake resistor, The reasons might be

  1. You use too often brake during cutting spline, We suggest to select Mode 0 "Ram no stop during indexing when cutting spline or multi-keyway (inner gear etc.) Please don't use brake often during short time, It will cause Braking Resistor no time to rest (cooling) and happen overheating problem.
    Avoiding using Mode 1 (Ram stop during indexing) for multi-keyways cutting.
  2. Besides it might be caused by Counter Balance Weight of flywheel didn’t stop at bottom position well, It can adjust by parameter NO. 3426-3450, Please use manual Ram run and Ram stop to test the Ram can stop at top position well or not , If not , you can enter parameter NO. 3426-3450 to adjust the Ram stop delay time (unit 0.1 sec) , Please see what Ram speed and find the right parameter NO. then test Run and stop , you can go to backward of machine to see the position of the Counter Balance Weight, Normally it should be at 270 degree +-15 degree , Please try your best to adjust the counterbalance weight at 270 degree , If add 0.1 sec go to 280 degree , less 0.1 sec stop at 260 degree , We suggest select 260 degree. Let the Ram stop at top, it can let Braking Resistor easy brake the flywheel (Ram), and the inverter doesn't alarm often.


  • Use Mode 0 [Ram No Stop during index] instead of Mode 1, Then Ram will stop
    after workpiece cutting complete finished.
  • Please adjust parameter NO. 3426-3450 to let the Ram stop at top position correctly. 





  • 以圖示讓您了解(請看附圖:情況)!  


請按附件說明調整延遲時間讓衝頭停在上面並確認進刀sensor 有亮起來!

舉例來說,在影片中您應該是使用 高速3速,所以要調整N3的數值。




This CNC plug-in uses the brake motor with the spindle proximity switch time control brake motor movement. 

Action control Delay time (in 0.01 seconds) is located in parameter numbers 3423 to 3430 A total of 8 parameters are


Low speed 1 (3423) Low speed 2 (3424)

Low speed 3 (3425) Low speed 4 (3426)

High speed 1 (3427) High speed 2 (3428)

High speed 3 (3429) High speed 4 (3430)


When the user has been using it for some time, if the punch does not actually stop at the dead position on , follow these steps to adjust

  1. Switch mode key to MPG mode, (manual mode).
  2. Press the punch button to start the punch run
  3. Press the punch stop key to stop the punch run
  4. Check the punch stop position, can be determined by the rear counterweight block position The starting point position of the punch,
    if the right side does not reach the 270 degree position, then the stop instruction is too early, the delay time setting is required,
    if the right side (more than 270 degrees position), it is too late to stop the plate instruction, the delay time setting needs to be reduced
  5. Press the F6 parameter setting key and then press F5 to jump to the parameter number. Based on the current speed of use,
  6. For example, the current high-speed 1 segment, then the parameter number 3427, and then enter the password 520 into the parameter 3427 position.
  7. Adjust the original setting parameters according to the results of the manual punch stop test, if the original setting is 10, (10x0.01 x 0.1 seconds);
    If  the counterweight block exceeds 270 degrees directly below the position when the punch stops, first subtract 1 (10-1 x 9) set 9, then press the punch head to press stop, and then check the counterweight stop position,
    In this step, adjust to the counterweight position directly below the ±15 degrees position, the best position is directly below 270 degrees, if minus 1 plus 1 in 260 degrees and 280 degrees position, preferably located at 270 degrees to the left(260 degrees to 270 degrees) is better
    Of course, 270 to 280 degrees is ok, just try to set before 270 degrees is better, because the punch at 270 degrees strength maximum, early braking is better
  8. Start the punch run again, switch to another gear, and adjust the corresponding parameter number according to the above steps.

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