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The missing angle of the blade of the above-mentioned tool is judged to be the damage caused by the impact, not the normal wear.
Generally speaking, it may be the operator who had too much inserting amount of the first knife or a collision occurred during the test run, which caused the blade to break at the blade 2 knife! Normal slotting, each feed is 0.05mm/time, As for the cutting oil,it is generally recommended to add it. If your company considers that the cutting oil will make the workpiece oily, you can consider pneumatic spray lubrication. Lubrication can increase the tool life.It is also recommended to use a 12.7mm wide tool for cutting. Long service life.


(A). Probable causes of the kewway end-surface damages ( scratching):

  1. Operator doesn't install the slotting tool end edge surface to be paralleled to X axis well  (Less 0.01mm)
  2. Operator doesn't grind the slotting tool well , Maybe the end surface of tool is bad and not smooth.

    So, when program to execute cross finishing movement , the finishing result is bad due to the wrong slotting tool end surface. The cross feed is for finishing the keyway end surface tool mark , It doesn’t have tool back off function because it will get morecutter mark.

(B). Solution:
Improving the slotting tool condition and tool installation (tool end surface and perpendicularity) to solve the problem.


"**Remark: If the tool is in a very bad condition:**

  1. Set the cross feed at a very small value such as 0.1mm. Then the program will cross movement at bid feed ( Tool width-0.1mm) then next feed 0.1mm.  So,the cross movement feed total in two times. It MAYBE could help to solve the problem of end surface damages.
  2. Test to setting cross to be very near to the tool width. For example: the tool width is 16mm, set up the cross at 15.8mm, then cross feed will be 0.2mm (16-15.8=0.2).  While cross feed is just a small value, it can avoiding end surface scratched problem. However, the finishing Keyway surface maybe bad if your slotting tool is in a bad condition. (So, we suggest to improve the slotting tool is the best way.)

Conclusion:  Improving the slotting tool condition (tool end surface  and perpendicularity) is the right way to solve the problem. If you don’t need cross finishing, please set cross feed at 0.1mm to avoiding keyway end surface damaged problem.  "