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●Eastar series tools


The cutter we provided for customer is full new without any extra processing.Please use emery wheel (as attached picture) to do chamfering for the four angles of the cutter.Then, the cutter can be put into the hole of Slotting bar easily.

Please check the attached pictures and video of the cutter before and after chamfering for reference.   

Please refer to the related videos below




The possible reasons: 

  1. The slotting bar rigid is not enough. Normally, the rigid Ratio is 3-5.For example: the slotting bar Diameter is 40mm, the Length is 120-200mm, if the keyway length is 200mm , Slotting bar out length need to be min.230-250mm.So the slotting bar diameter should be 50mm at least.  If the slotting bar too weak (flexible), the slotting bar at top OK. but it bends when the period it goes to the bottom side.
  2. Check the perpendicularity between table surface and Ram slide well.  
  3. No extra supporting or fixing fixture: Such as a fixing ring to keep the work-piece nomoving during cutter cut at bottom range. Because if only clamps work-piece at top but lower part don’t fix, While slotting tool forced cutting at lower area range, the work-piece may be escape moving and cause the problem.
  4. Contact with us, if you still can't solve the problem.