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●Select by the Material



  1. The carbide cutting tool: 
     It has high hardness but very brittle. It's prone to nicking and chipping easily during the
     machining, so the operator will be hurt by the chips from the cracking blade while working.
     Thus, for safety sake, we don't recommend the carbide cutter.
  2. HSS-cobalt tool:
     Its with good and higher hardness, the hardness is about HRC68-70. Besides, as an alloy steel
     with higher content of cobalt (almost 8%-17% cobalt), it can act to increase the toughness of
     steel; so, the cutting performance will be stable and not easy to nicking and chipping during
     machining.  The famous cutting tool brand from Italy – REV tool, they only provide the
     HSS-cobalt tools for slotting project.

    In brief,  HSS-cobalt tool is a ideal choice for the slotting process. 


Sweden  brand-ASSAB.  ABBSA 17 tool bit. Made of high cobalt alloy high speed steel, ASSAB 17 is well-known worldwide for its excellent cutting properties, wear resistance, toughness and heat resistance. Its hardness has been carefully adjusted to 67-69 Rockwell C to give each ASSAB 17 tool bit optimal properties for its field of applications. 
Information from ASSAB webiste as link:  https://www.assab.com/en/product/other-products/