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●Select from our existing tool Series


(A).  Rev tool: (non-reusable)

  1. Italy brand - REV Tool for precision cutting. 
  2. The inserts are non-reusable when it is blunt. You can order 6-10pcs insert of each size as stock.
  3. REV. Adapter is a must buy item; it’s for combining  the slotting bar (tool holder) to the slotting bar fixture set. 
  4. Suitable for both through hole and blind hole type machining. 

(B). EASTAR series: (Reusable)

  1. EASTAR tool made in Taiwan. 
  2. The blades are reusable after grinding it,
  3. It's okay if only buy 1 pcs cutter of each size.
  4. If buyer has budget concern, they might consider EASTAR cutting tool system.
  5. You can carry the  HSS blade grinder with this series at the same time. 
  6. Suitable for through hole type machining only.  


(C). Forming Cutter: 

  1. Eastar customized forming cutter, design for small hole size or specia material / machining work piece. 
  2. This cutter will be design according to the work piece machining request and conditions.
  3. We will request the correct machining drawing of the work piece for reference. 
  4. Suitable for both through hole and blind hole type machining.