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●Coolant pump


  1. Loosen the tie ring
  2. Unplug the oil pipe, if it really can't be pulled up, then cut it off.
  3. Cut off the fixed wire harness
  4. Please remove the aluminum block
  5. Pull out the following figure, and remove the speed belt and oil pipe
  6. Please use a long strap to tie the tubing so that it can be pulled successfully.
    Connect the cooling pump from the bottom to the aluminum block as shown in the figure above,
    and then fix the tubing at the cooling pump and the tubing at the aluminum block.
  7. Please use the "cooling pump tubing PVC surface tube (mesh hose)" as the tubing.
    The length is about 1 meter and a half long.
    Specification: 3.0UH-φ1/2" *1.5M Easy to replace.