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● Oil lubrication pump is not working


There are ACT. and INT. on oil lubricant pump. ACT. means action (working) time which unit is second. INT. means interrupt (resting) time which unit is minute.
Usually, ACT. will be set as 10 seconds and INT. will be set as 30 minutes.That means, the oil lubricant pump will keep pumping for 10 seconds and stop pumping for 30 minutes.The oil lubricant pump pumps 2cc each second.
That means, it pumps 20cc for ram and X, Y slideways each time. Besides, when operator turns on the machine power, the lubricant pump will pump one time first automatically. If operator wants to stop the lubrication, they can press the emergency stop button.
Then, the lubricant pump will stop working.

Steps to check if lubrication and pump is broken or not:

  • Step 1: Set the ACT. as 10 second and INT. as 30 minutes.
  • Step 2: Turn on the machine power again.
  • Step 3: Check if the oil lubrication pump one time first automatically or not after turn on the machine power. 
    If yes, then the oil lubrication has no problem.
  • Step 4: Press F button to feed the oil manually. 
    If the oil pressure gauge needle heads up a little, it means the pump has no problem.
    If both the oil lubrication and pump have no problem, then the oil lubrication will stop pumping for 30 minutes and then pumping again for 10 seconds.