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● How to adjust the oil injection and stop button of Auto Lubricator


It is for user to turn off the power of Auto Lubricator. The button on the screen is the Oil Stop Button.
White is for Auto Lubricator be turned on. Green is for Auto Lubricator be turned off. The Oil Stop Button on screen is designed for user when they do not want to turn off machine at lunch time or for long period of time (over one hour). User can press Oil Stop Button, then the Auto Lubricator will be turned off and the time calculation will also stop. It is for oil save purpose. Besides, user does not need to worry that they may forget to press the Oil Stop Button to turn on the Auto Lubricator again.
When the Ram runs, the Auto Lubricator will be turned on automatically (follow by Ram runs).

For Auto Lubricator, there is Act Time (unit: second) and Int (Stop Time, unit: minute). When Act Time set as 10 second and Stop Time set as 30 minutes, Auto Lubricator will pump oil for 10 seconds and then stop pumping for 30 minutes. After stop pumping for 30 minutes, it will execute next pumping again. Besides, when Auto Lubricator turned on, it will pump one time first.

The following link is the Video for detail description of the Auto Lubricator and the Oil Stop Button: