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●Magnetic contactor

Ans .

The left magnetic contactor (red mark) is for JOG and RUN.

The Right magnetic contactor (blue mark) is for UP.

When hold UP , the contactor will work (ON) , then blue 2T1, 4T2, 6T3 have all 220V , then the blue circle for 2T1, 4T2, 6T3 will connect to the red circle which on the right side , then go through overload relay .


User need to hold the JOG /RUN, to test U1, V1, W1 .

If U1, V1, W1 happen phase fail →  JOG/RUN contactor is damaged.

Then under the UP hold status to check U1, V1, W1 again.

If U1, V1, W1 with all 220V OK → UP contactor is normal.

If U1, V1, W1 happen phase fail → UP contactor is also damaged.