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●What is the possible reasons for motor burning

Ans .

If the motor coil burns out, usually is cause by the electrical power do not input correctly , reason as follow : 


  1. 1.Three-phase R S T phase failure after power-in:
    If phase failure is on R or S, the control circuit will not have electricity and it’s okay. But if T, the motor will have noise when it is turned on. If user does not know to fix this problem, and phase failure continues will cause motor burn out. When it happen,user need to stop the motor immediately !
    Otherwise, the motor will be burn after energized more than one minute.

    *The overload relay is protects motor overload and burn from long-term heavy-duty cutting status, not protects it from phase failure . 
  2. Pay attention on the normal current for motor of machine:
    The normal current for each machine will be different. The current of maching running without work-piece , max. allowable current , and instantaneous current. All need to under the normal valve.
  3. The power distribution of the client factory is not perfect or The local power transmission has the phase failure problem:
    Please check power input is stable, and 3 phases must all have power, do not happen phase failure. To avoid the risk, customers could install the protection devices to prevent the machine from phase failure. Phase failure will cause various electrical faults of machine, it must to solve it as soon as it is found.