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● Machine panel


  • When CNC-550 key button of second operation panel didn’t light on .
    Please open the panel box cover ,and check the - + GND +5V power connector to see if there have correct 5V or not :
    1.When the - + GND +5V have correct 5V, the red light is light on.
    2.When the - + GND +5V have correct 5V, but red light doesn’t light on, the fuse may damage and need to replace.  
    3. If the - + GND +5V don’t have power, and red-light light doesn’t light on, but the fuse is ok:
    The +GND +5V is for controller signal power purpose, the + - (DC24V) is for key red LED light power, so + - with DC24V and +GND +5V with 5V makes machine operation panel can work normal.
    The +GND +5V and + - (DC24V) is come from electric box transformer.


  • Please open the electric box and use electric meter checking DC24V transformer (Bigger one) and +GND + 5V transformer (Small one) : 
    3-a. Input with AC220V for DC24V transformer on No. 2 and NO. 11
    3-b. Input with AC220V for +GND + 5V transformer
    3-c. DC 5V for +GND + 5V transformer
    3-d. DC 24V for DC24V transformer


If any transformer damaged, needs to replace new one.

If two transformers on electric box is no problem, the possible reason is any connecting wire broken or damaged, please find and solve it.


Video for how to check DC 5V and DC 24V and AC 220V