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●CNC-350 About new menu big keyway feed mode


The big keyway feed mode is designed for save processing time for big width keyway slotting purpose

, If the cuts No. over 4 or 5 cuts , For example you want to cut 80mm keyway by 16mm slotting cutter ,

It will divid into 5 cuts ,  Standard (Big keyway feed mode set Close).

While cutter cut to keyway end surface , it will move back to clearance position then offset 16mm then feed from clearance position.  If the keyway width is very large , There is arc difference between clearance to arc point , It will waste time during the feeding between clearance and arc range , If you have the kind very large width keyway , You just set “ Big keyway feed mode “ at open, At same time controller will ask you to input work-piece diameter , You need input correct diameter then controller will calculate the arc difference and jump to touch the arc and feed from arc position , It will save processing time.


Attached is explanation drawing pdf for big keyway feed mode.


Usually don’t need use the Big keyway feed Mode , Just set close.  If your customer really have very large keyway , you just open the “Big keyway feed mode” function , Besides notice you need input accuracy  diameter if you want to use Big Keyway feed mode.