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●CNC-350 About F5 Multi-Tool slotting function

Ans .

Re: new designed F5 Multi-Tool slotting function , see below:

  1. This year we had a customer who had special work-piece which with 4 flat keyways and 4 arc keyways , So we had designed new program F5 call “ Multi-tool slotting “ , It mean you can prepare double edges cutter , One edge in the front , another in the rear (back) direction , then you can use our F5 program to one time processing by double edged cutter.


  1. The F5 Multi-tool slotting program designed with F1 Common parameter and 4 equal division slotting (similar to F2) , The program F2-F4 have a Step parameter for operator setting ,  F1 is for common parameter , Operator need set it firstly  then edit F2, F3, F4 , F5 parameters , For example firstly edit F2 : Step No. 1  for flat keyway processing , F3 : step No.  2 for arc keyway processing , F4 :  step No. 3  for flat keyway finishing , F5 step No. 4 for arc keyway finishing .   If you don’t want  to use any group program , You just set step NO. as 0 , Controller will not do the group program , So  you can use Step NO. to arrange processing steps as what you want .
  2. The special program is designed for one work-piece with 2 kinds keyways and need multiple division purpose .
  3. You also can use it for keyway finishing purpose , For example you set Step No. 1 for general equal division rough slotting , Step No. 2 for Keyway finishing , Step No. 3 and Step No. 4 set 0 , Then controller will just execute Step 1 then execute Step 2 then program end , Step 3 and Step 4 will not execute (ignore)


The F5 Multi-tool program is a special program , If you have the kind special case , you just consider it , For general slotting case , Use standard

F1-F4 program are enough.     


Hereby we send you the application video for reference.


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