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●NC-350A1 How to set right start slotting point value


    Regarding the Home offset is for setting the zero point at inner hole of workpiece; usually we had set the zero points at center of rotary table, User don't need to change the Home offset value, Operator just need to set the right start slotting point value at First-point setting position. , Hereby we world like to explain the right process as following:

  •  Every day open controller, Turn Mode /Auto switch to manu than press Home (zero return) then machine coordinate system was setting well, If you don't turn off power ,You don't need to do Home (Zero return) again.
  •  Install the workpiece and slotting bar and adjust cutter position well.
  •  Under Manu mode to test the first slotting point value by MPG (hand wheel)   then input the value in F4 edit screen "First point"
  •  Input the necessary datas such as keyway depth , feed , tool backward (relief) , workpiece change point at F4 edit screen 
  •  turn auto/manu mode to auto , press cycle start to auto slotting process.

    Because the Home offset is just to set the zero point at workpiece center only, Different diameter slotting bar maybe the zero point is different , If the cutter can go in the hole of workpiece , You don't need to care the Home offset , You just input the correct first slotting point. Then you can get the right slotting result. “Home” is to let controller set the coordinate system after turn on power purpose. The slotting machine usually use "First slotting point " to control the position value.