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● CNC-450S About programming a gear tooth profile and sroke comparison


    Regarding the gear tooth profile slotting  , If the gear module less M2, You can use gear tooth profile formed cutter to cut the inner gear by our multiple equal degree slotting canned program to do the gear slotting job, If gear module large than M3 , It maybe need to separate two process , First rough gear tooth cutting then do again finish gear tooth cutting , It need to use double end cutter design , Forward direction cutter for rough cutting , backward direction for finish cutting , But in our experience , the processing time is very long and make gear by CNC slotting is belong to application machining , If you need accuracy inner gear,  We suggest you to use gear shaping machine. You can send us your maximum inner gear work-piece for our reference , then we can give you comment .

    Regarding your idea to use CAD/CAM for gear tooth slotting , EASTAR CNC slotting which feed is un-continuous ,It’s not like CNC machining center machining path which is continuous , The kind CAD/CAM must match our CNC slotting marco , the processing time too long and the CAD/CAM need design specially,  Until now no customer use the idea to machining gear tooth by CNC slotting .

    If you don't want to use CNC gear shaper and really need a CNC slotting for gear tooth slotting , We had designed CNC-450S which with a BT50 rotating spindle on slotting Ram , It can do similar CNC gear shaper function for gear tooth lotting purpose, But it's for few quantity and special long gear or large size gear machining because the machining time is slow than CNC gear shaper.

    Our CNC-450S stroke 20-70 strokes/min with long stroke length feature (machining time lomnger), CNC gear shaper which stroke faster (maybe 300-800 strokes/min.)  but stroke length shorter (machining time shorter) .