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● CNC-450 About Z axis ballscrew and screw chip conveyor


  1.     As for the Z axis ball screws for Ram direct driving ,  Usually the slotting force from 800 kgs – 2000 (2500) kgs  , So the  Z axis axial force must heavy and can be resistance slotting impact capability , 
        Usually CNC machining center ball screw axial load only 5000-6000kgs, It is easy damaged for slotting processing , So We adopt 30000 kgs  super load (over 15 safety factor) , It’s for safe if Z axis happen crush accident , the Z axis ball screw still OK.
    due to the large safety factor design , we send you some Z axis ball screw data for your reference.  (Ball screw brand is  HIWIN ).  ** See attached drawings. As for slotting force , We think the CNC-450 which force is no problem , Our Italy customer test 22mm keyway , The Z axis servo motor is under 10-30% only ,  Please understand that keyway slotting most important is Slotting bar rigidity and cutter feature (Hardness etc..),
        If you have super cutter and super rigid slotting bar ( Normally L/D<5)  , If you use very big diameter and short length slotting bar , The L/D<3 , The slotting bar rigid is good  ,  then you need to have super cutter which can cut 27mm width keyway easily  ,
        Sometime is your work-piece which hardness too hard , Your cutter is impossible or very hard to cut the keyway , Then cause cutter broken , It’s not cause by machine less power , It’s relate to principles of physical cutting . Some time how to sharpen the cutter is also very important .
  2.     Y axis slide way cover which mean  Y axis double V slide way complete with protective plastic cover as CNC-350
  3.     Regarding the adjustment distance of Ram connector , This function is similar to CNC-350 which for adjust top and bottom position purpose , But now CNC-450 which drive by ball screw , the Ram connector will not need to adjust  often , We keep the function is for sometime if you Have very high work piece , You maybe need to adjust the Ram top position higher , Then you can adjust it manually.(refer to attached pdf photos.)
  4.     Option: screw chip conveyor:  Please see attached photo/drawing.
  5.     Slotting bar fixture:  please refer to attached drawing.