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● NC-300A1 In auto mode, set the DEPTH value at 3,8 but it stops only after 1.5mm


Regarding when you run the machine in auto mode , you set the depth at 3.8mm but it stop at
1.5mm , There are three possible reasons :

  1.   Maybe the + direction or - direction hardware limit sensor singal ON during program running period , Normally the + or - direction limit sensor should be OFF under Auto cycle start process or HOME , If the + or - direction hardware limit sensor ON , the Alarm message will issue after few seconds ,  But maybe the + or - direction hardware limit sensor singal unstable (few second ON thenOFF or some time ON some time OFF) , Sometime it cause by the any metal chip or dust.
      So please check and clean the + or - direction hardware sensor top surface or adjust the sensor distance far away the dog (the sensor working distance is 4mm). 
      Please loose and adjust it and check the +/- direction hardware limit sensor.   When PLC run the auto cyclestart process , If the + or - direction limit sensor send the ON singal to control unit , It will stop Ram and Feed.
      If+/- direction hardware limit sensor singal sometiom ON and some time OFF (Unstable) , The PLC can't issue the alarm message.
  2.   Besides if the feed sensor or tool back sensor unnormal working , It means the sensor can not work (lighting ON) normally (It mean miss sensor singal) , During auto cyclestart process period if feed sensor or tool back sensor miss signal , The Ram continue running but feed will be stop . If singal come again , the Feed will continue. The kind problem is caused by PLC can't get the feed or tool back sensor normally.
  3.   If the speed sensor miss during auto cyclestart process , After last step and run finish cutting , PLC need read the speed sensor singal , If the speed step sensor singal missing , The machine will continue running and can't stop well.

    According to your description , Our engineer guess : Maybe the + or - direction hardware limit sensor caused the trouble. Maybe the chip or metal dust on the sensor or any possible reason to cause the sensor unstable (sometime ON sometiom OFF).

    You can loose 2 fixed screws of +/- limit sensor to let the sensor no singal then test again , If the trouble go away (not happen again) then you can know what sensor happens problem , Then double check the sensor , If it is not stable or damage then just replace new one .