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● NC-200A1 cutting feed rate of working table and Ratio of indexing


  1.   Cutting feed rate for our NC slotting machine is same as  CNC slotting machine ,Usually the feed rate is from 0.02mm to 0.2mm cut per stroke according the workpiece material and keyway width , keyway length etc.. ,  Hard material which feed rate small , soft material which feed rate is bigger , big keyway width which feed rate is smaller , Smaller keyway which feed rate is bigger , If you don't understand how to set the feed rate amount , We suggest you to set the feed rate at 0.05mm - 0.1mm . 
  2.   Re:Rapid traverse of Y axis of NC machine , User can turn the Manual/Auto switch at Manual position then press F2 or F3 to rapid moving the Y axis , Besides the NC machine had completed MPG (Manual pulse generator) electrical handwheel , User can select speed scale at 100 and select axis switch at Y , then user can move the Y axis  easily , Usually the NC/CNC slotting machine use MPG to move the Y axis because it's more conveient , We think the MPG is enough for NC/CNC slotting machine , It's very few to use JOG or rapid traverse function.
  3.   The NC system slotting machine which mean just Y axis feeding automatically , The Rotary table is manual indexing  , The Manual rotary table which principle is same as genernal dividing head (Brown & Sharp type)  , There are 3 pcs index dividing plate , Plate A is 15,16,1,7,18,19,20  Plate B is 21,23,27,29,31,33  Plate C is 37,39,41,43,47,49 hles , The operation and setting method is same as common dividing head , The ratio of indexing 1:80 which mean worm: worm gear ratio is 1:80 ,  Turn one circle the rotary table ratate 360/80=4.5 degree  , For example you want  to divid 6 parts  , the operation process is 80/N --- 80/6=13-2/6 -- 13-6/18 , It mean user need to select 18 holes dividing plate A and set dividing pin at 18 holes position , then each dividing need turn 13 completed cycle and 6 holes of 18 holes , The detailed description , please read operation manual.

The CNC system the rotary table will turn by AC servo motor (automatically) which minimum unit is 0.001 degree .