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● NC-200A1 How to check Y axis sensor signal


  1. Please check possible reasons : 
    Maybe the Y axis Limit proximity switch (sensor) Y+ sensor or Y- sensor unstable ,  Normally the Y+ or Y- sensor must always at OFF status , Maybe there is any cutting chip or any other reason causing the Y+ Y- sensor ON during auto start slotting process , If the Y+ or Y- sensor ON , the controller will regard it was overtravel and stop auto cycle start slotting process and cause slotting only half or fraction.  Please check Y+ and Y- sensor two sensors, it can not any time light ON because control unit get the Y+ or Y sensor singal , It will stop processing.
  2. The other reason is --- Maybe the feed sensor working not stable , Please loosen 4 pcs M5 screws on the right -upper side cover , then you can see two sensors on the spindle , front (near operator) is for feeding purpose sensor , The rear (near flywheel) is for tool backward (tool relief) purpose. We suggest you to adjust front feeding sensor upper to let distance between dog and sensor close (about 1mm-2mm) , It will be let sensor singal stable , Please check the singal is normal or not , While you find the slotting not do all slot , don't stop machine , Please check the front feeding singal is normal or not , Normally it will be light on then light off each cycle stable. If the feeding sensor singal missing , it is possible to cause feeding stop and cut only fraction.