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● CNC-200 About CNC-200 (Max. keyway width, max. keyway length)


  1. The CNC-200 which with X,Y,C 3 axis Auto control , It can make any bigger with by multiple cuts function, For example 24mm can be cut by 12mmx2cuts , 32mm keyway width can cut by 12+12+8 3 cuts etc..,The CNC controller will automatically calculate and execute automatically , Operator just need to input Keyway width and slotting tool (cutter) width then CNC controller will generate program automatically.
  2. As for maximum width by one cut , Usually we suggest user Maximum width by one cut for CNC-200 is 12mm , If the workpiece is soft , Maybe you can try 16mm by one cut.  Over 12mm keyway width , you can use 2 cuts.
  3. The CNC200 is designed for small and medium workpiece (Diameter less 150mm , Keyway length less 120mm ) , But CNC200 maximum keyway length can up to 170mm  , But we suggest buyer to consider our CNC-300 if you. Have chance to make bigger workpiece. 
  4. The CNC300 which maximum one cut keyway width is 16mm and maximum keyway length is 250mm
  5. The CNC200 machine weight is 900kgs , CNC-300 machine weight is 1700 kgs  , CNC-300 is designed for heavier cutting design , CNC-200 is designed for small workpiece purpose.