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● CNC-350 How to adjust brake motor shoe gap (clearance) avoding noise occuring
Please refer to solution as below steps:
  • a) Press  F6 parameter setting 
  • b) Press F5 Goto parameter then input 3422 
  • c) Then you can see If the spindle brake open , Please set 1 Yes and press Emergency stop button together Then you can open the brake under stop status 
  • d) Please use 0.25mm name card to test the brake shoe gap (clearance)   * refer to attached photo. 
  • e) If the clearance too big or too small , You just adjust outside 2 nuts to adjust the clearance (gap) at 0.25-0.30)
  • f) Adjust 3 screws at equal status then fix the two nuts well. 
  • g) Check spring force (From shoe case end surface to nut end about 22.0mm ,Adjust 3 springs at same conditions.
  • h) Test run the Ram run , If OK. then set parameter back to 0 
  • i)  Finish the adjustment. 


Refer to below video : How to adjust brake motor shoe gap(clearance) avoiding noise occurring. :