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● CNC-350 X axis center point offset problem



  1. The X-axis center origin position is set according to the slotting tool and the fixture center position. Therefore, different tools will cause the X-axis center position to be different due to the slightly different tool center accuracy. Generally speaking, the X-axis center position still needs to be inspected according to the processing to do some adjustments.
  2. The customer’s X-axis offset is 0.14.  If the customer wants to reset the current position to XO, he can use the X-axis offset setting reset to make the X-axis offset look closer to 0.
    However, it may also be X0.03 or X-0.02. The correct X-axis center value should still be adjusted to the correct X-axis offset according to the machining fixture (3-Jaw chuck) and tool center parameters.
    In other words, different tools, it is substantially difficult for the X center of the fixture to be 0. However, since the customer has a variety of tools and fixtures, the relative X-axis offset may be recorded, so it is not recommended to reset the machine zero point.
    We recommend that customers record each workpiece, record the tool used, and also record the fixture, and then record the relative X-axis offset, but when changing the workpiece, it is still necessary to confirm whether the corresponding X-axis offset of the tool and the workpiece is correct after installation.