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● CNC-350 About cross feed for finishing keyway end-surface



About cross feed for finishing keyway end-surface, see  below:

Regarding keyway end-surface damage (scratched) during cross finishing movement , The possible reasons

as below:

  1. Be sure to install the slotting tool end edge surface to parallel to  X axis well  (Less 0.01mm)
  2. Be sure to grind the slotting tool well , Maybe the end surface of tool is bad and not smooth


So when program to execute cross finishing movement , the finishing result is bad due to your wrong slotting tool end surface.

The cross feed is for finishing the keyway end surface tool mark , It don’t have tool back off function because it will get more cutter mark.


Besides if the tool is bad condition , Just set cross feed at very small value such as 0.1mm , then program will cross movement at bid feed ( Tool width-0.1mm) then next feed 0.1mm , totally two time cross movement  feed , It maybe can help to solve end surface damage problem.

Besides, need to test setting cross at very near tool width , For example tool width 16mm , you set cross at 15.8 , then cross Feed will be 0.2mm (16-15.8=0.2)  , While cross feed at small value , it can avoiding end surface scratched problem but the finisning

Keyway surface maybe bad if the slotting tool is at bad condition .   So, it needs to improve the slotting tool .Need to improve slotting tool condition (tool end surface and perpendicularity) is right way to improve the Problem.   If no need of cross finishing , just set cross feed at 0.1mm to avoiding keyway end surface damaged problem.