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● CNC-300A1 How to adjust ram speed and use JOG button

  Ans for Q1:

 Re: CNC-300A1

 Regarding how to change the Ram speed , EASTAR CNC-300A1 totally have 8 speeds, High /Low speed control by operation screen , It’s for switching 4P/8P (HI/LOW) two speeds main motor ,Besides 4 steps by Gear reducer speed change at left aide change lever , The Gear Reduce Inside with 4 slots to shift different gear engagement ,  So, only need to change during Ram is running up and down period , then a little push the lever to next step slot , See simple video about how to change speed .


Ans for Q2: 

Under MPG mode or JOG mode , It is called the two mode is “ Manual mode” ,It allows to use lower Ram run, Ram Stop , Ram JOG  button function ,  Usually the 3 buttons is for manually test slotting or to get the first slotting point purpose. Just press Ram Run to continue run the Ram up/down ,  After Ram run then you Press Ram Stop , The

Ram will stop at top position  ,  If need to stop at bottom position , Just press Ram Run then press Ram Jog button Then ram will stop at near bottom position. 


Because there is backward flywheel , So we don’t suggest user to use JOG as touch , touch, touch method to move Ram up/down,User just continues press JOG button then release at near position at what position you want to stop. 

See below simple Video.

How to change Ram speed and use JOG button (CNC-300A1)