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●CNC-350 About keyway verticality tolerance 0.01mm and fixture height

Ans for Q1:

Received your photo about slotting fixture , The design look is OK. but please notice following points :

  1. According  to your attached drawing
    You request the keyway verticality tolerance within 0.01mm base C surface. Please understand that Verticality
    within 0.01 is very accurate request. Usually, our machine accuracy guarantee 0.01mm/200mm , +/-0,01mm/350mm- 
    please understand that it’s machine accuracy. So, if you would like to ask finishing parts have 0.01mm verticality
    accuracy , there are 2 important conditions :
    a) You must use very high class (very accuracy ) CNC lathe to turning the parts and confirm your finished turning parts
         which surface D must have 0.002-0.005mm verticality accuracy.
    b) The clamping chuck must have very good verticality accuracy , We plan to use 12” Taiwan 3 jaws chuck , We need to
        check his verticality accuracy less 0.002-0.003mm.  After deduct the a and b possible error tolerance , You know to get the
       verticality is not an easy job , so please understand that your first processing (CNC turning ) accuracy is very very important.

    So in a word, you need to confirm the accuracy of your work piece is good and very accuracy.
  2. In order to fix your fixture on our rotary table , We need you to drill 2 diameter 14mm hole for M12x1.75 screws
    fixing purpose, the 2 holes’ center should be at same line of the work piece, regarding the 2 holes distance
    according to your fixture size, Maybe can design distance at 200-250mm , Then we can use 2 pcs M12 screws
    with T nuts to fix your fixture on our rotary table , Then use micro gauge to adjust the work hole center at our rotary
    table , We can adjust the concentricity within 0.01mm for first work piece , But change next work piece , We can not
    control if your fixture is not accurate or stable ,  Therefore please notice this point : When change new work piece , the
    hole center must at same position (Most important is the concentricity between hole of keyway and our rotary table center)

Ans for Q2:

Please inform your engineer, the distance between Ram guide bottom to rotary table surface of our CNC-350 is 470mm. 
So the maximum possible work piece is total height 465mm (470-5mm). The 465mm is including: your Vertical clamping
fixture base + work piece total height .   Please understand that your work piece have 3 keyways, so we need to use a rotary table to rotate your fixture.
During the rotary table rotating, the fixture will touch the Ram guide way block, so you need modify the height of
your fixture to be less 465mm (the distance between end surface of Ram guideway to rotary table surface is 470mm).
Please notice the point and make sure the total height of the fixture won’t over 465mm .