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● CNC-300 The purpose of M10 threads hole on round slotting bar, the reason of tool consumption too high

Ans for Q1:

About 2 M10 thread holes on the slotting bar, Hereby our engineer replies it as below:

The M10 thread hole is for user to adjust the tool edge direction to parallel to Feeding axis direction. Before you start the slotting process, you need to install the cutter on slotting bar, and then you need to use dial gauge to align the cutter direction to parallel to feeding axis. During the adjusting period, you can install a M10 hex screw on the M10 thread hole, then you can use small hammer to knock the M10 screw head to adjust the slotting bar left or right a little, step by step until the slotting tool direction to parallel to machine feeding axis . The M10 thread is to match M10 screw bolt for easy adjusting the slotting tool direction purpose.

Ans for Q2:
As for the Slotting tool consumption too high, the possible reasons are:

  1. Tool direction not adjust well (No parallel to feeding axis , So the tool cutter edge touch work-piece.
  2. Check your cutter tool angle , normally the cutter only cut by the front line edge, you need sharpen
    necessary tool angles such as side clearance , back rake angle etc...Keeping the cutter always sharp
    on the front rip edge only, Bad tool anglewill cause high consumption.
  3. The cutter material must with very high hardness at least HRC68, Low quality cutter also cause high
  4. If your work piece hardness high over HRC25, you need find best cutter (HRC 69 – HRC70 or over)
    to against the high hardness work piece. 
  5. If you make high hardness work piece , you need reduce the feeding rate, maybe 0.02 , 0.03, 0.04mm
    per stroke feeding rate. 
  6. For long distance keyway , you need to use lower speed to cut.
  7.  For difficult cut material , you can set the feed mode value to “ 1 “, the machine will cut the work
    piece two time then feed one time. It can let every cutting more completely and let slotting process
    smoothly.   The cutter consumption tool high reasons as above possible reasons. Please check it to
    improve the problem.