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● CNC-350A2 How to open & close finish function (single chuck)


About how to quickly finish the keyway after rough cutting :
We can give you a “finish function”  to quickly add few depth or modify keyway width  after rough cutting , There are 3 different conditions

  1. After finished keyway cutting , you find the keyway depth is not enough , For example less 0.002” ,  You can go to keyway depth end to cut the extra 0.002” directly , It can save time without standard cut air process.
  2. After finished keyway  cutting you find the keyway width is too small , You can add keyway “Width+/-  for example width+/- 0.001”, Then the controller just cut the both side only , the middle area will skip for saving cut air time.
  3. After finished keyway cutting , You find keyway depth and keyway width both need increasing , Then you need input Depth +/- and Width+/- , then open the finish function & press program generate again then controller will do both side and middle from keyway end start process to save cut air time.  Hereby we send you the reference drawing for your reference.  

But please notice that the finishing function must use very carefully , It’s just allow to use” After finishing keyway cutting ” , Operator can't use it for raw material cutting otherwise it will cause machine crash accident !  So notice to use it very carefully  ! In another word , operator need to double check the finish function is close or not while do raw material cutting.  Good habit is to close the finish function after use the finishing job and  double check the finish function is close while edit standard program.

But regarding your question --- During auto slotting period , power goes out because of a storm , About this situation ! No way , you need to start from beginning  , Because dialogue programming generator don’t keep the program stop at what point ,  Please understand the kind accident situation is no way to start from cutting middle period ,  If under power ON status , You can press Cycle stop (Hold) to stop temporarily  then continue by press cycle start button again !

(Here is a video for how to open & close finish function-single chuck for CNC-350A2):

  1. Finish function to follow above 3 different condition and video instruction.
  2. Slotting process of finish function (also refer to attached drawing).