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● CNC-350 How to get swivel Angle of Head” +- 30 degrees


Our CNC-350 which slotting head (tool head) can be swiveling +/- 30 degree, our machine which tool head tilting direction is left/right direction ,  Our CNC controller can set the X axis (left/right) as feeding axis ,Usually our CNC slotter can let customer to set tool feeding directions at Y+,Y-,X+,X- (4 directions) , So our CNC-350 which tool head can be swivel (tilt) at X axis direction (left/right) +/- 30 degree , Please see the attached photo and below video.    But, in real application, the head tilting can only be swiveling up to max. +/- 10 degrees in taper keyway slotting.

Video of how to get swivel Angle of Head” +- 30 degrees