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● CNC-350A1 G code & use Solicam software to generate slotting program


Slotting program is discontinuous feeding processing , The feeding only allow during slotting tool out of inner hole of work-piece , So general G code such as G01 G02 ,G03…. G89 etc.. all can’t use because they are all belong to continuous feeding G code ,  Only G00 can use for Slotting processing , So EASTAR need to develop special slotting Marco as

Slotting Marco G code G200 G201 etc..  But G code is complicate which is not easy to edit and check program , So we design dialogue program edit tool for user to use conversational program edit method to auto generate program , Customer just input necessary parameters such as Keyway Depth , Feed , Finishing NO (Non feed slotting

for finishing) , Finish program end position setting , Then Press F8 Program generate key to generate program automatically.


As we know Solidcam don’t have special Slotting discontinuous feeding function , It need ask original software designer to design specially and it need match with our machine then just possible to use , until now no any user spend money and time to develop slotting program by cam software .  General Solidcam software will not able to use in our CNC 350A1 controller.  


The CNC-350A1 which is only one axis Y axis servo auto feeding only , The program is quite simple .  No need to thinking about SoildCam software.