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● Why we do not use CAD/CAM to generate the slotting program for EASTAR slotting m/c?


Our slotting processing is belonged to discontinuous style processing.

The feeding only allows between slotting tool moving out of work piece hole and before tool go in the inner hole, during inner hole, prohibit feeding.  

Therefore, almost exist G codes are not able to be used for slotting processing, except G00, G90 and G91.

So EASTAR spent a lot of time to create special slotting marco and design dialogue conversational program generator for customer to generate slotting program simply.

So far as we know, until now there has no any CAD/CAM software can support the special slotting processing programming. If your CAD/CAM company can create the special slotting program (Discontinuous feeding), It is possible to run in our controller.

However, the problem is your CAD/CAM can’t generate right slotting program except you ask the CAD/CAM company to develop the slotting processing module for you. Hope you can understand the reason.   

Again, slotting is belong special processing and the requirement is not so big; So, it can be belong to special purpose machine.

On the other hand, the feeding type is different from normal milling, turning processing. The feeding is discontinuous.