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● CNC-350 X axis home problem


CNC-350 happen MOT 008 X axis loss pulse and MOT 019 X axis following error exceed alarm while executing Home .

You execute Home but X axis happen MOT 008 and MOT 019 alarm , then you can’t  finish X axis Home .  MOT 008 and MOT 019 alarm mean that maybe there are any obstacle or dirty on the X axis slide way ,  the obstacle cause the control unit send command to ask X axis move to Home position but the encoder signal feedback delay , so controller issue the MOT019 alarm .

Please check the X axis slide way.

First ,  open the X axis slide way cover to check the slide way .

We think maybe the X axis not often running , only work during Home X axis only .The other side X  axis slide way maybe not use  and it is dirty or rust , so it caused the X axis moving difficult during X axis move to center period . Please check X axis slide way well and use MPG to move X axis from maximum – direction to Maximum + direction to let X axis running smoothly , after X axis movement is very smoothly then you can test X axis home .


In the future , we suggest user to use MPG to let X axis running from left to right direction one time per month  , it can let X axis ‘s ball screw and slide way working , no rust problem. In a word , please check X axis slide way and use MPG to move X axis left to right direction several times to let X axis movement smoothly . 

Also need to clean and maintain the machine one time per 6 month , Don’t let machine too dirty.


Please refer to the X axis slide way video below: