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● NC-350A1 Y axis not moving


The Ram stopped at top safety point and the sensor is at ON status , then you pressed the Zero return (Home) button , the Y axis coordinate display on monitor change but Y axis not move at all.

Y axis coordinate display change , it means the command was sent out to PLC , Y axis mot move mean – PLC don’t send command to Y axis Delta servo driver correctly , you need to check the connection between PLC connector  to Delta servo driver connector , maybe connector don’t connect well.

Open the electric box and turn on power , then switch at manual , then use MPG to move the Y axis ,  normally the Y axis servo driver display must change , not always”0” , If Y axis servo driver always at “0” , It means the PLC command don’t send to Y axis servo driver , You need to solve the PLC to Y axis servo driver transmission , You can take a detailed photo showing the PLC connector , then our engineer can check the connecting is correct or not ?  

When you use MPG to move Y axis  , please also check the Monitor display , normally the Y axis coordinate should change value , it means command  is sent to PLC correctly  , It means command to PLC is OK. , The problem is PLC to servo driver.

If you turn MPG to move Y axis  , if Y axis servo driver happen error alarm , it means the servo driver to servo motor happen problem , you need check the encoder between motor to driver and power between driver to motor end connection.

Please take a complete and detailed video to show our engineer for problem solving.