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● NC-300A2 some programs can not run(10 years ago machine)


About NC-300A2 problem , sorry to inform you that the NC control unit was stopped manufacturing.

One of our engineers tried his best to help you resolve the problem, please see below:


As we remember the NC-300A2 ,  While press Cycle start button , The control unit will check

  1. The Ram was stop at top position or not (Input signal is X17 and X56, X62  must lighting ON) , From your attached photo , The signal was input to I/O card
  2. The mode switch must switch at Auto position (Input signal is X14) , From your photo X14 was lighting ON, It's OK.
  3. The Emergency stop must at OFF status (input signal is X16) , From photo X16 is no lighting , It's at OFF status OK.
  4. While press Cycle start button , The input signal X31 must ON , But rom your photo , we can't see the X31 lighting ON
    Please check the cycle start button is normal or not , Check cycle start button can send X31 signal normal or not ?
  5. The X and C axis must Home OK. (signal X6 ) or not  , As your mention, The X and rotary axis home process was normal .


 Besides, from the monitor (screen) , It shown "Emergency stop"  , Do the emergency stop issue after press cycle start button or it come out while turn On power ?  Please check the emergency stop button , Maybe the emergency stop signal caused the machine can't auto running program.