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● CNC-350 CNC-350 motor reducer brake malfunction


  1. Motor brake can’t open under auto mode
    When you use parameter 3422  to set 1 (open) , The function is designed for operator use for replace motor belts purpose , it needs to match with “Press Emergency ON) then brake just can open .  In the report , the motor brake is open , it means    motor brake function is OK.
  2. When program finish time , the brake can’t stop cutting head at top safety position .
    The problem maybe caused by the motor brake “ Relay”  , the relay maybe damaged , please take it to order one new repay then replace it to solve the problem.   Please note to buy the same type relay.  Please see attached relay pictures.
    Besides please set the parameter back to 0  , Only when you need to change new motor belt , just set parameter 3422 to 1and press Emergency stop then brake will open for you to easy change belts.   “ Note the brake is power off brake , while power on the brake just ON (open)  , Power off brake (work)


Here is the video link for how to check relay for  brake unit