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How to update new software - cross feed with auto tool back off function for CNC-350A2


  1. First, insert USB (need software) to controller, Press twice 
  2. Then you can see F4 Systen Admin.
  3. You will need to input password 520; press enter
  4. Press F1 install software, select the only package file “ install the version 1”, then start to update the new software.   
  5. After new software installed Ok, then just turn off and then turn on to finish the software upgrade.
  6. After it changes to new software, then you need to set up new parameter.
  7. Go to F8 parameter setting, then you just put password 520.  And press enter
  8. Then you will go to new parameter page 3404.
  9.  The new parameter is “ open cross feed and use auto tool back off value” ;

original is 0;  0 is No.; 1 is yes.     If you want to change to “1”, then you must put password 520, then you can change it to “1”.      If you set “1”, it means the cross feed is with back off function.    If you don’t want auto. back off function, just set 0.  If you need, just set 1. So, you will finish the setting procedure.


Here is a video of step by step on how to update the new software.