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● CNC-350 program issue


If operator would like to save the created program O0000 to another program No. You just press F2 program then press F8 File manager , then move cursor to O0000 position , then press F2 copy file then input your new file name (Maximum 8 words) , then press F1 OK. then you can find the copy file shown on the screen , you can move cursor to the new file position to check the file content is same as O0000 or not  (Please understand @1 mean first-p X, @2mean first-P Y , @3 mean keyway width @4 mean Depth…….) .




If you want call the exist file to run , You just move the cursor to your program position then press Enter to call the program to control unit , Then please press F4 Run Key when auto running program , Please check the left –top show is your file No. or not  , and please also check the program @1, @2, @3 value on the right –lower position ,  If it’s correct then you just press Cycle start button to run the program.

PS: Besides please understand the there is MPG program simulate function in our controller , When test running new program , You can press the MPG simulate key  ( refer to attached PDF. ) which under Home key , If you press the key , when you press Cycle start button , the machine will control by MPG , You can turn MPG clockwise direction to let machine go step by step , The MPG rotate , machine go forward , MPG stop , machine stop , It’s good function for new program test running ,You can try to test it)