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● CNC-350 Can add slotting tool data in CNC controller or not


About idea to add slotting tool data in CNC controller , We would like to inform you that Slotting machine is belong to special purpose machine , Until now no any standard slotting tool all over the world , Some use round type slotting bar , some use rectangle type slotting bar , Our Square type slotting bar, there are a lot diameter , width , length  etc… No standard and it’s very difficult to make standard.

Because no tool standard and it must consider  tool wear question etc.. , until now no any one maker have designed about tool . Machine maker very difficult to develop it.

On the other hand , if you need let tool standard , It need Z axis AC servo control , The crank –linking rod  designed No Z axis servo function . our CNC-350 need manually adjust the bottom position and slotting length.

Our CNC-350 use Milling base CNC controller which is same as machining center purpose , The Tool No is for Machining center Tool disk , It can not for CNC slotting tool purpose . We use the “Mass production” controller for our CNC slotting machine is for future after service consideration.  We don’t use special controller because CNC slotting production few , We need reply mass production controller then just can do the after hardware service well , We just use the same hardware to develop software for CNC slotting purpose .

Because difficult to do tool standard size and Z axis no auto , So we teach our customer to prepare suitable tool holder and cutter , Then use MPG to test cut the work piece then get First point X and First point Y , Then just input it into dialogue program edit screen , Then switch mode to auto , For first test cutting , You can press MPG  simulate key then press cycle start button to run the program , under MPG simulate key ON , you can use MPG to move work piece step by step to test program , Because you had done test cutting to get first-PX and Firstly-PY , So user had feeding to check the first cutting point is right or not ?  After move to first cutting point is OK. then you can release MPG simulate key to let machine fully auto running.

Use the way is very useful to help user to test run program or cutting , So all our customer happy to use MPG to test his First-Point value and the same time use eye to check the first point position for future cycle start test run program purpose. Please understand it.

T code function is for CNC machining center , It can  not for CNC slotting machine.

For CNC slotting program , we suggest use our dialogue edit program , use G/M code is very difficult to check and easy to happen machine crush , now 99% our customer give uo G/M code program , All use our dialogue edit program method to get his CNC program.