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● How to set Home position when X & Y zero point missing


When X zero point and Y zero point was missing , you need reset the X and Y zero point ,  We teach you how to set the Home position as following procedure:

Step 1 : Switch to MPG mode

Step 2 : Use MPG to move the X axis and Y axis at center position (You can check the black arrow mark and move X and Y axis to  let up arrow and bottom arrow indicate alignment)

Step 3: Switch mode to Home mode

Step 4: Press F6 parameter setting

Step 5: Press F7 serial tuning

Step 6: Input password  520 the press enter

Step 7: Press F1 Normal axis then press F7 Abs Home setting

Step 8 : Move yellow cursor to X  then press F1 Set Machine Home then Press F1 Yes

Step 9: Move yellow cursor to y axis then press F1 Set Machine Home then Press F1 Yes

Step 10: Under Home mode to test X axis Home and Y Home again.

PS: Set Home position must under Home mode


(*please click the video below for instruction).