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● About PLC 070 error


The error is one our protective design only .

In order to avoid any crash problem , so we design a protecting check when start running program or execute  Home (Zero return) , the controller ask slotting tool must stop at top safety position then CNC controller just allow user to start auto running the program (Push cycle start button under Auto  mode).

We think now your Ram (head) not stop at top position , so CNC controller issue the error warning you to set Ram at top position then just can run the program automatically.


The solve method  is ---

Please switch to MPG mode or JOG mode (The two modes are manual modes) which allow you to run Ram manually , then you can press Ram Run button , then press Ram stop button to let Ram stop at top safety position automatically , after Ram stop at top safety position then you just switch to Auto mode and press Cycle-start button to run program automatically.


PS: In the column there are two sensors for checking Ram position , forward side is for checking feed and Top safety position , backward side is for checking tool back off point , you can open the side cover at upper auto lubricator to see the two sensors in inner of column.