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● About Syntec system


  1. Syntec system is 99% similar to FANUC system , Except G20,G21 (Syntec G70,G71) for inch/mm system  G code different , The other G code are same as FANUC, Because while Taiwan SYNTEC design his system , He is copy and reference  FANUC system .   So you can start program from any first row or use M98 to call sub programming etc...  , If you would like to start G/M code program from row 30 , You just type 30 before press Cycle start button then controller will start running from raw 30 .
  2. As for you would like to use IF , GOTO , THEN etc... function to edit special Marco program , The Syntec system have the functions but you must
    understand how to design the marco , We have Germany and Japan customer who had inquired about the questions and our controller engineer
     teached them how to use IF , GOTO , THEN etc... functions ,  But please note that CNC slotting process which feeding is intermittent (discontinuous),
    therefore almost existed G code can't use for CNC slotting process , usually we just can use G00, G04, G90,G91 and M30, M98, M99 etc.. to match
    EASTAR designed slotting Marco G200 , G200.1  , G201 , G201.1 , G202 , G202.1 , G203 , G203.1 , G301 etc.. to edit slotting G/M code program.
    On the other hand , we would like to inform you : as our experience 90% slotting process jobs can be use EASTAR designed Graphic input(conventional input programming) method to automatically created necessary CNC slotting program , Our 80% customers just use our Graphic input funtion to do CNC slotting , If really you have very complicated job which can't use our graphic input programming or you would like to change  any process to save  slotting  time , Then you just consider using G/M code to edit program.  The Syntec controller which allow you to use any similar FANUC function to edit program , The Syntec controller system also can be use for CNC machining center , CNC Lathe ,So don't worry about the controller functions , It's enough for any CNC slotting job.
  3. Regarding your question about LAN connection , Hereby we would like to inform you that our SYNTEC system can use CF card , USB for data transmission , It also have web (LAN) connection , RS-232 etc.. function but we don't set the connection box as standard accessories because it's few use in CNC slotting process , If you need the function , It's no problem , We just ask our controller engineer add the Web transmission connector for you only because the inside controller already had the function , Just wiring job and teach you how to set up and start LAN connection only.
    But in our experience still no user using the function due to CNC slotting program is short and not complicated.


The syntec system is universal and famous Taiwan control system which can be for CNC Lathe, CNC milling and any CNC machines , So we choose it

for our CNC slotting machine , User don't need worry about after service and electric parts no support or stop manufacture etc.. questions