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● How to use G54 ..G59


We had set the default coordinate system as G54 , So while you use our G200, G221… etc Eastar slotting marco , It will back to G54


Because these Marco will use for our dialogue program edit generator purpose ,  In order to let operator easy to use our CNC controller , We don’t want to let operator confuse about G54… G59 , We don’t teach user to use this coordinate switch function avoiding crush accident .  So we define the default work-piece coordinate as G54  ,  If your operator understand G54  very well , You can change the G54 X , Y value  for change the work-piece center position purpose.  But we suggest you to teach your customer using First point X and First point Y to set his work-piece center position , It’s  easy and no accident to happen machine crush accident .  We had a experience that new operator don’t know G54 well  but last operator had set some value on G54 , New operator don’t know then execute the program directly then happen machine crushing accident .


You can teach him to set G54 according to his new work-piece coordinate system , Then the CNC will use the new G54 as new program zero position.  Generally customer can use G54 tool center X zero setting purpose.


We don’t know why you need to use G200 , G221 code by G/M code directly , Our customer almost don’t use it because it’s very difficult to check the program.  You need to ask operator to memory G200 X,Y,I,J,K,A,U,V,Q,B,W,etc… It’s very difficult to memory what is U want is B et… So we always teach user to check the dialogue program edit parameters directly . It can see Parameter well , After every parameter setting right then just press F8 program generate , The program generator is for create G200 or G202, or G222 etc…  , It’s easy to check the program and easy to edit CNC program. If you really need to use G55 code to edit program, then we will remove G54 code and ask our software engineer for creating a new program of G55 code for you and teach you how to input into your machine.   But, it would be customized and only for you.  If you insist on executing this, please advise, we will discuss with our software engineer.