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● How to change Machine zero (Home) position under small offset


If Machine operator need to change the X Axis, Y Axis or C Axis machine zero position, please follow the procedure as below:


  1. Under manual model, use MPG to move the new machine zero point at where you want.
  2. Press F6 Parameter setting key.
  3. Press F4 Home offset setting, then you can enter Home offset setting screen.
  4. Enter the new position value at right side offset setting, then press enter.
  5. Press F1 Run X axis offset, if you want to change X axis Home position, Press F2 Run Y axis offset, if you want to change Y axis Home position, Press F3 run C axis offset, if you want to change C Axis Home position.
  6. Then screen show where confirm home set (chuck No ALARM), Press F1 yes
  7. Press Password: 520
  8. Press F1 OK to execute change Home position process.