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● CNC-300 How to use GM code to edit program


Most operators use our Graphic programming function (F3) to edit slotting program. The G/M code program is only for special slotting purpose. We suggest to use our F3 Graphic program function to generate slotting program , It’s easy and save time.


If you really need to use G/M code to edit program, the procedure is as below:

  1. Press F2 program then press F1 New file, input new file name then press enter to enter G/M code program edit screen.
  2. Input G code M code as usual CNC machining center  but notice Slotting machine can’t use any G code except G00 , G04, G90, G91.  Operator need use our Slotting G marco  G200  , G200.1 , G201 , G201.1 , G202 ,G202.1 etc... ,M code can use M03 Ram run, M05 Ram stop, M30 program end.
  3. After finished G, M code program, you can call your G , M code program via F2 program/F8 file manager / move cursor to your program then press enter.
  4. Press F4 monitor to ready auto slotting cycle.
  5. The Auto tool relief function control by parameter 3405, If you had set value in it, the auto tool relief function will work , If you would like to stop auto tool relief function, you just input parameter 3405 value = 0
  6. Hereby we enclosed one G, M code program sample for your reference, Note: M80 control slotting feeding only at top position. Usually, our G slotting code already includes M80; however, for safe you can add M80 again before start slotting.

We suggest you to send us your job for our reference, maybe it is no need to use G, M code programming, use our standard F3 Graphic program edit function is OK.  Then you can use it and get program easily, no headache about complicated G, M code program.  

Please see attached PDF information.