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● How to set C axis to original zero position


How to set C axis to original zero position


If someone do the C axis Home offset or Reset the C axis machine zero coordination , The resolve method is to set back the original C axis Home origin zero position ,

Following we teach you how to set back the C axis original zero position :

Step 1: Execute C axis

Step 2 : switch to MPG mode and Use MPG to rotate original C 0.000 Position

Step 3: switch to Home mode

Step4 : Press F6 param setting key

Step 5: Press f7 serial tunning key

Step 6: input password 520

Step 7: press Normal Axis key

Step 8: Press F7 Set Abs Home key

Step 9 :Use cursor down to move cursor at C position

Step 10: Double confirm the C axis position is what you want to set 0 position , If Yes , just press F1 Set machine Home key

Step11: Press F1 Yes to double confirm the setting

Step 12: Finish the C origin setting


Hereby is video showing how to set C axis 0.000 position  ,