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● How to operate CNC-300A1?


  1. Regarding the “Relative value” is incremental coordinate (G91) function , Generally CNC coordinate have G90 absolute value and G91 Relative value , But our dialogue programming use “ G54 and G90 absolute coordinate system ,  Our CNC 300A1 few use G91 relative value  , Maybe sometime you have chance to use it by manual MPG function ,  Usually we never use it on our CNC-300A1 slotting application.
  2. As for the External Shift which mean totally X,Y,C axis shift a distance function , CNC lathe use it for test running purpose , But our CNC slotting machine don’t use the function and don’t suggest you to use it because our dialogue programming using G54 as his default  Coordinate system , It mean if you add offset value to G54 , It will effect dialogue program , Some user use G54 X to adjust the X axis zero  point , But user always forget to set G54 value every time , So cause a lot trouble , So we suggest user don’t use the G54 coordinate shift ,  Also don’t use External shift function avoiding any crushing accident ! Our CNC slotting machine no need this function. Please understand  it.
  3. Usually  user just use MPG to move Y axis to touch the first slotting point and memory “ Absolute value” Then input absolute (Not Relative) to First-Point value , Then generate program , then switch to Monitor And press Auto button  , In the first time program test , You can press MPG simulation button , then press Cycle- start button , At the time because you had press MPG simulation button, So CNC don’t move , The Control by your MPG , You can turn MPG forward to ask CNC move step by step until touch first slotting point , After you feel slotting procedure is correct no problem , Then you can release MPG simulation button to let CNC continuous running.
  4. The MPG simulation function is very good for test cutting purpose.  During Auto running , Any time if you press  MPG simulation button , The movement will stop for you to control it by MPG  , If you feel sometime strange , you also can use it for feed temporarily stop , (MPG simulation ON , Feed stop control by MPG , MPG simulation Button off , Auto continuous programming running.