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● CNC-300 X and Y axis direction


CNC slotting machine which coordinate system is different from general CNC milling machine because Slotting machine which tool direction is face to operator. 

The parameter #41  and #42  set 0 are right , Please change the two parameters setting to original setting 0  ,Use MPG to move the X axis and Y axis then check the X/Y/C direction plate on right corner on the  rotary table , While you move X axis by MPG , The table will move right under you face machine condition  , Y axis move Y+ , the table move forward.


As for why machine can not  execute Home  , the reason is you change parameter #41 AND # 42  , So  happen the alarm , Please change back parameter #41 and #42 then execute Home again.  (Please download the video from below dropbox link for above instruction.)


And attached is photo of coordinate system.