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● CNC-200 Find out the program saved before


  1. When you pressed F8 Program-Generate Key , The controller will create program automatically and save the program in File NO. O0000 , You can press F2 Program then press F8 File Manager then select O0000 then Enter , then you can see the current O0000 program details.
  2. Please understand that the @1 in O0000 mean First Point X , @2 mean First point Y @3 mean Keyway-width @4 Mean Keyway Depth @5 mean Rough-Feed  …..  , So After you pressed F8 Code program Generate key  ,you need to check the O0000 is correct program or not ?
  3. Another way is to double check the @1 , @2 , @3 @4 while you press F4 Monitor , The Left side shown program Few content (@1- @4) , You can check @1 First-point , @2 First point  @3 Keyway width  , The three parameters Normally is different between different parts program.
  4. As for the 3 rd Speed program running is strange , Please check the Ram is stop at top safety position well or not ? You need go to parameter 3429 then you can see High speed Step 3 , Brake delay time setting , Please check and adjust it well.  Hereby we send you simple video for your reference.  (click below link)