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● CNC-200 ow to generate program & enter processing parameter +MPG simulation


How to use the CNC-200 and generate program correctly ,:

  1. Please install suitable tool and fixture
  2. Clamp the work-piece well then adjust the Ram bottom point well
  3. Use MPG to test cutting and get the first point X and first point Y
  4. Press F3 Dialog edit function and select suitable function (For example single keyway F1)
  5. Enter the necessary parameters , The first point X  and first point Y etc..
  6. While keyway width bigger than tool width , It mean using small tool cut big keyway  , You need input cross (For finishing end keyway surface purpose , Normally Cross set tool width/2)
  7. The Rough feed mean the middle area feed rate , If over 3 cuts just use the parameter , But normally we suggest user to set it same as Fine feed value  , The fine feed is keyway both side feeding .
  8. After input all necessary parameters , Check Controller at Ready status (If not press Reset to let controller at Ready status before press F8 program generate ley)
  9. Please don’t press Single Block  single block key.jpg    Key  and MPG      key  while you press program generate Key because it will cause our program generator can’t create program smoothly.
  10. Everything OK. (Under Auto , No alarm at Ready status  , No Single block) then press  F8 Program generate key to crate program. 
  11. If you would like to test run or simulate the program running , You can press  MPG simulate key (ON) then press Cycle start button , then controller will let you to use MPG to control the program running step by step.
  12. After you check the program run correctly then you can release MPG simulate key  MPG key.jpg   to let controller fully automatic running.


PS: The program finish position can be set at parameter 3417(X) , and 3418 (Y)


Hereby we sent two simple video for your reference , Please watch it and hope you can operate the CNC-200 well.

** How to use correct method for dialog editor generated program for CNC-200



**Video to indicate you made a mistake to cause MDI error message (CNC-200)