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● CNC MACHINE – controller & program explanation
  1. Our CNC slotting machine using Taiwan NO.1 brand PC base CNC controller Syntec 21M , It’s very stable and few service.
  2. As for the programming  , Because Slotting processing is belong to special function  ,  Our company had designed a very friendly Dialogue (conversational) programming edit function for user to easy edit the slotting programming.
  3. Operator just need to input necessary cutting parameter such as Keyway depth , feed, keyway width , cutter width etc..  then Press F8 function key to create program automatically.  So it’s very easy to edit the program , Customer don’t need to worry about the Program edit.
  4. Besides our CNC controller complete with MPG simulation function , customer can use it to test program while you first test Cutting work-piece , user can use MPG hand wheel to move the feeding axis step by step , It’s very convenient for user to test program purpose or test cutting directly.
  5. On the other hand , we would like to inform you that CNC-200 is designed for small and medium work-piece  , For example maximum Keyway width less than 12mm (one cut)  ,  If your customer will be possible to do bigger width keyway for example 16mm , 20mm, 24mm , we suggest you also to consider our CNC-300 ,  The CNC-300 can do keyway maximum width up to 16mm .  The CNC-200 machine

Weight is 950kgs  , CNC-300 machine weight is 1650 kgs  , The CNC-300 is heavy than CNC-200 ,  But if your customer always just makes small work-piece , CNC-200 is suitable for small and medium work-piece .