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● How to transfer program from computer to CNC controller


  1. The most easy way to transfer the old program to new controller is ---- You just insert your old (original) No. 2 CF card Into new controller , then you can get all your old program.
  2. Please insert your old (original) No. 1 CF card into NO. 1 position.
  3. If you want to copy CNC program to computer or input computer program to CNC , New controller use USB or CF card ,

Usually customer use USB , You just insert USB then go to F2 program then press F8 file manager , then select import(Input) Or Export (output) function to execute   USB input to CNC controller (Input function )  or CNC controller to USB (Export function), But we think you can just install your original CF card into new controller , then it’s OK. no need copy .


PS: Please remember to install old CF card in your new controller then you just can use old program ,  Don’t use new version CF card

because new version No. 1 CF card there is difference with old version ,  It will cause you can not use old program. Please note it !

(Old NO. 1 CF card match with old NO. 2 program CF card)


Please click the link below for wire connection and video.